November 7, 2015 Christian

Dev Blog 17 – Productive Week!

Hey everyone! This has been an extraordinarily good week for productivity for everyone here in the office. Take a look below to see what the team accomplished!


  • Modeled a bunch of environment junction points, bringing more parts of the world together :)
  • Blocked out a ton more of the residential tower ‘Arcadia’.
  • Created security shutter doors.


  • Created our first real shield, carrying it from prototype to finished.
  • Created generator item concept.
  • Optimized hundreds and hundreds of textures, drastically reducing RAM and VRAM usage as well as build size.


  • Fixed weapon aiming that somehow decided to break itself… Still unsure about that one but it’s fixed now!
  • Shield functionality is properly coded now (at least the basics anyway).
  • Looting bodies, containers and other objects around the world has been resurrected into the latest version of the project. It has also been improved, controls are better and has full controller support which ties into the inventory as well now.
  • Full controller support for all existing menus is now a thing.
  • IVG menu functionality is hooked up which is really cool. When you scan for items it pings to tell you if it found items and gives you an idea of the item density of the area scanned. Also includes inventory slots remaining count.
  • Status menu and hub menu have been upgraded to now work with newer versions of the player back-end so they now correctly display all your stats.
  • Finally fixed this weird micro-stutter and jitter that was plaguing us for months which caused us to look like we had sub-par framerates even though we were well beyond our monitor refresh rates. (You have no idea how happy this makes me)Added a bunch of extended functionality to our full-body IK system to help us control things better.A bunch of other random bug fixes and code tweaks and extensions.


  • Finished super-secret character of super-secret faction.
  • Modeled a smaller door keypad which will be used on most smaller interior doors.


  • Completely revamped our existing interactive props and rewrote all of them to be more structured and organized which will help us create more props like this in the future.
  • Trashed our prototype versions of our power system scripts and made some pretty amazing polished versions which now tie into our back-end zoning system. In short, turning lights on and off and controlling the power to a district is now properly working!
  • Added a bunch of handy functionality to our main transition script which is used extensively throughout the game. Effects everything from GUI objects to weapons.
  • Added more functionality to our player vision detection system.


  • Continued working on modeling and authoring textures and materials for our modular maintenance hallway set.


This week went by quickly for us but I can’t believe how much stuff we managed to get done this week! If you’re not already signed up for our newsletter, and would like to receive monthly updates about major news, then please feel free to…


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Christian Christian is the Lead Developer at NVYVE Studios.