October 30, 2015 Christian

Dev Blog 16 – Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Today has been a fun day at the office, we all came in dressed up in costumes, ate waffles for breakfast and finished up with some pizza for lunch. Between the festivities, hard work continues as always and it’s actually been a very productive week! Let’s dive into it :)


  • Continued environmental performance improvements across the entire Eden.
  • Designed and modeled the first pass of a major transit terminal connected to the Promenade shopping center.


  • Concepted quite a few new UI’s.
  • Tweaked some existing UI’s because they all got destroyed after we changed our post-effects.
  • Created concepts for door keypads, power cell (will be used for portable energy) and a keycard item.


  • Re-wrote most of the inventory code to allow for controller support as well as some other inventory improvements. (Simultaneous input / hot-swapping works)
  • All AARM menus now have proper controller support.
  • Improved compile time drastically.
  • Created detection that will be used later on to show the proper on-screen controls (keyboard/controller) depending on where your last input came from.


  • Starting to finish up a really cool character model for a new faction that hasn’t been announced yet.


  • Reworked object detection for better usability.
  • Programmed detection of lootable objects / bodies.
  • Created more advanced door interaction system.
  • Optimized physics collision performance.


  • Creating expansive modular maintenance tunnels and textures to go with them.


Have an awesome and safe Halloween everyone!

About the Author

Christian Christian is the Lead Developer at NVYVE Studios.