October 16, 2015 Christian

Dev Blog 15 – UI Work, Collision Meshes and Further Optimization

This week has been filled with some great progress and we’re starting to see lots of things come together now which is fantastic! Also a bunch of top secret stuff which we’ll announce eventually…


  • Continuing in the spirit of organization, the entire world is being re-built in a new scene to make our lives much easier as well as getting it ready for level streaming.
  • Lots of environment work.
  • Random meetings.

Alayna (Super Secret Agent)

  • Worked on ***************************************************** for ********** so we can ****************************. Exciting!


  • Completed the first pass of the radial menu which will be used for all sorts of things.
  • Set up all the new reticle icons and their animations. Ready to be triggered now!
  • Started to make all of the in-game menus have full keyboard, mouse and controller support.

Patrick (Double-O Agent)

  • Finished up a really cool looking ******** model which we’ll be **************************** later on!
  • Started working on the new ******* character model.


  • Finished the first pass on some procedural mesh generation that will be used in our building system.
  • Fixed a bug in the character motor which didn’t allow you to move while transitioning to/from crouch.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could sprint while crouching. Was pretty hilarious to watch though.


  • Created optimized collider meshes for all of the environmental props.
  • Started creating modular pieces that will be used in our maintenance tunnels that will be weaved all throughout the Eden.

About the Author

Christian Christian is the Lead Developer at NVYVE Studios.