September 25, 2015 Christian

Dev Blog 12 -What a Crazy Week!

It has certainly been a very exciting and busy week for everyone here at NVYVE Studios. We launched our brand new Rebirth Trailer and a ton of brand new screenshots, went live on Greenlight and subsequently hit 1st place within 48 hours and we had Adam and Alayna at Unite Boston doing some talks!

Overall Reception

The reception from the community has been completely insane and we are overjoyed to hear literally thousands of people speaking so highly about P.A.M.E.L.A. We’ve been reading comments just about everywhere we can find them and soaking in all these voices so that we can mold the game into the best that it possibly can be. If you made a comment somewhere, we’ve probably read it and have taken notes :)


Our brand new trailer was picked up by a ton of websites (some articles linked below), many of which I’ve been reading since I was a kid so I personally was a little fan-girlish to see our game up there. We partnered up with Jeff van Dyck, most well known for being composer for the Total War series as well as audio director for Alien: Isolation, to create an original score for the trailer and we absolutely love how it turned out. Be sure to give him a shoutout over on Twitter @jeff_van_dyck and if you haven’t seen’t the trailer yet, well here it is!


To say our experience on Greenlight so far has been good would be a gigantic understatement. We were flabbergasted to see the absolute explosion of positivity and the very steep graph of votes over time on Steam’s back-end. We will be doing a more in-depth postmortem of our Greenlight process in the near future so keep an eye out for that!

What’s Next?

So what’s next? Well we’re probably going to reward ourselves with a nice steak dinner… Oh! You mean about the game? 😉 Well our next milestone is PAX South at the end of January and that includes a sweet playable demo! If you’re planning on heading down South (or are already in the area), be sure to come check out our booth and be one of the first to play P.A.M.E.L.A. and meet the dev team. There will be more on this as we get closer to the date and have more information to share, but for now just keep your eyes peeled.

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See you next week!

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Christian Christian is the Lead Developer at NVYVE Studios.