September 11, 2015 Ian McCabe

Dev Blog 10 – The Trailer Draws Near

Hi everyone!

Keeping with the new format Adam mentioned last week, this week’s blog will also be a broad look at the team’s progress as a whole.

This week, the team has been really focused on polishing up shots for the upcoming trailer and making sure everything flows well together.

As the trailer release date draws near, everyone is working really hard to make sure the trailer is the best that it can possibly be! Personally, I’m rather excited for all of you to see it!


  • Properly lit numerous areas and conducted look development on all shots.
  • Added/balanced additional camera effects to increase immersion
  • Recorded a huge number of shots.


  • Updated character AI for improved social/conflict interactions
  • Cleaned up a lot of character animations for other characters
  • Created map effects and tweaked player animations
  • Staged many shots for the upcoming trailer.


  • Recorded, modified, and synced up a ton of audio for new the trailer.
  • Conducted major look development on both characters and scenes for the trailer.
  • Cut together and edited trailer.


  • Created display cabinets for the AARM and other background objects for the trailer.
  • Created new hair styles for characters.
  • Tweaked a number of PBR Substances for better visuals.


  • Created targeted FX, ambient FX, and other various effects for characters.
  • Programmed animated blood effects and optimized spawn detection on characters.
  • Optimized weapon functionality for use in the trailer.


  • Created new blood and debris assets.
  • Improved the infection FX for characters to look even more visceral.
  • Created a number of new PBR Substances for environment objects.


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