Dev Blog 72 – It’s the Final Countdown

PAMELA Screenshot_033

Well friends, we're just about at the finish line at long last. Less than one week before you'll be able to jump in and experience survival in Eden yourselves! As usual we've been hard at work, well, even more so than usual in fact! Taking a peak at our bug tracker, I see 162 issues fixed this week, ranging from

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Dev Blog 71 – New Trailer, Release Date Announced!

Pamela 2017 Screen 24

Welcome to an extra special PAMELA Dev Blog! On a Thursday, no less! We know you've been waiting patiently (thank you!) these last few weeks for an update, and we're finally ready for the big reveal. We've got a shiny new trailer, showing off all new environments, weapons, abilities, build-able items, animations, and so much more. With further adieu, watch

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Dev Blog 70 – Major News Soon (very soon!)


Welcome back PAMELA fans! It's that time again, the weekly Dev Blog is here and there's been a ton of important progress behind the scenes at NVYVE Studios. Another round of testing has been done, fixes were implemented, gameplay tweaked and balanced and overall PAMELA is now a shinier and smoother game than ever before! Oh, and read on further

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