Dev Blog 57 – Dreams Do Come True!

Oh hi! I didn’t see you there. It’s a good thing I have this Dev Blog handy here with me…

The dev team is coming up to an exciting couple of weeks here as some long-awaited features are starting to be created! Many of these features have been planned for well over a year, if not longer, so you can imagine how excited we are to see these dreams becoming a reality. The first of which are random and timed events that James has made some stellar progress on this week. So far you can expect to see riots break out, power outages that you’ll have to investigate, security lock-downs you’ll probably want to avoid and of course the constant depletion of things like food, drinks and energy from Eden as its inhabitants nibble away at its supplies. All put together, these events will help keep the game fresh, the world dynamic and the difficulty ever-increasing. And more events will be created next week, and further in the future as well! Read more

Dev Blog 52 – Telling the Story

A wild Friday has appeared! Let’s welcome it with Dev Blog #52.

If you missed the big announcement last week, we posted our new launch date for February 2017! We’re super excited about how much better the game will be when it hits the public because of this extra time and from reading your feedback from last week, you feel the same way too. We’re just going to continue on with powering through developing all this content and keep our regular format updates coming.

For this week’s development highlight, our lore systems have started to take shape this week! This first step is in the form of lore entries which can be found in items around the world such as Data Tablets and Laptops. These entries will then be entered into your Datapad menu for you to revisit at any time. You will find things like emails, instant messages, broadcasts, journals and more from the citizens before and during the downfall of Eden 052.

In other news, Adam has finished modeling quite a large area of Garrison, the Barracks. This should be a pretty interesting place to explore and acquire loot from and it’s underground! Alayna planned out some awesome events world that will be worked on in the near future and Ian has been creating some awesome PAMELA abilities.

To our fellow Canadians, Happy Thanksgiving this weekend! Our holiday falls on the Monday so next week will be a bit shorter than usual.

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Dev Blog 49 – Tag Team

It’s Friday and that means Dev Blog time!

There’s definitely a lot of news this week, so let’s dive right in. This week’s highlight is not one, but two separate things!


The first is the completion of the ‘Build Mode’ which has been on-going, but Ian finally polished it off this week. This is a really cool mode that you can enter on your IVG which allows for a much more streamlined base-building experience. You don’t have to enter your inventory every time you want to place a new item down, instead there’s a nice list of every buildable item that you have on you which you can then quickly be placed down. Moving already placed objects and even toggling activation is now faster and requires less steps than when out of ‘Build Mode’. The other really useful feature this introduces is the ability to send a scan outwards from your location which pings all placed buildable objects that are near to you. When the scan hits a buildable object it will make a little menu appear beside it which will show you useful information depending on the item. For instance an energy transmitter will show you it’s current charge level and how much time it has left before the Ion Core will be empty and will need a recharge. A storage container might show you how much space it has left and a hydroponics planter will show you information about what it is growing. Definitely all useful stuff and so far it’s been a real pleasure to use.

The next highlight for this week would be the completion of the initial implementation of some heavier afflicted NPCs. While they still will need a polish pass, they are now in the engine with all of their mocap’d animations which we recorded a few weeks ago. These characters certainly show off the citizen’s debilitating disease much more clearly and are pretty freaky to see sulking in the shadows. We can’t wait for you guys to encounter these characters!

There is one last bit of news that is a bit sad this week, but then it turns happy. Last week was Stephen’s last week with us here at NVYVE Studios. Due to some personal reasons he wasn’t able to stay with us, but he has done some awesome work on P.A.M.E.L.A. while he was here and we wish him the best in his future endeavors. The good news is we already have a new developer, Chris, tapping in and already started this week to pick up where Stephen left off. So everyone let’s welcome Chris to the team!

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Dev Blog 48 – Buildin’ On Up

Hey everyone and welcome back to another dev blog!

This week was a bit of a short one due to Labour Day here in Canada, but we still managed to get lots of awesome stuff done. Continuing the trend of the last few weeks, mocap and animation work is again the highlight of this week. We’ll be continuing to shoot one day of mocap each week until the end of this month. By the end of that we should have every animation needed, even for future characters! We shot two unannounced characters this time around… so I guess that’s all I’m allowed to say at this point….*cough*

Elsewhere in the office many other things have been worked on and completed. Our huge texture optimization overhaul is finally complete, some character modeling was finished, sleeping in buildable beds is now finished and our ‘Build Mode’ is nearing completion. There was certainly more than that done so read on to get the full rundown!

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Dev Blog 46 – That bone wasn’t there yesterday…

Welcome back to another Friday and another dev blog!

This week Patrick rejoined the team, back from his adventures across the Atlantic ocean. The boat ‘S.S. Progress’ is still going full speed ahead, especially with our additional crew member, James, who we introduced last week. The headline of this week’s work would definitely be some heavier afflicted NPC characters that are very close to being inside the game engine. More mocap has been shot (close to 300 takes) for this new enemy and next week they will be rigged, skinned, tossed into the engine and by the end of the week should even be trying to kill you!

The rework of all the in-world menus is still in progress, but so far looks very promising! If you missed it last week, Alayna is drastically reducing the number of textures we had for all of the menus (the VRAM thanks you), as well as some major changes in the layout of a few menus which truly makes for a much more streamlined and pleasant experience.

More items for base building are being created and implemented, saving and loading is now a very real thing and the IVG “Build Mode” is becoming cooler literally by the hour.

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Dev Blog 38 – Dye! Dye! Dye!

Welcome back reader! Aren’t Friday’s to dye for?

This week marks the end of our current sprint, and colour me impressed, we accomplished 98% of what we wanted to! Next week there won’t be a dev blog as we’re all taking next week off for some much needed vacation time, but fear not, we’ll be right back at it the following week.


Today we wanted to show off some of the awesome new equipment customization that we’ve been working on. The GIF above showcases just a sprinkle of the dyes you will find scattered across Eden. These dyes, once found and consumed, will be unlocked permanently even through multiple playthroughs. There will be kind of a ridiculous amount of them to find so good luck finding the same one Jimmy from across the street found.

In other news, we’ve got another warehouse!


This means we’ll be setting the mocap studio back up (today actually) and sometime in July we’ll be completely re-recording the NPC animations that we’ve been wanting to do for so long. There will be much more impactful and visceral combat once we’re done the next round of animations and we’ll definitely show some off when the time comes. Read more

Dev Blog 33 – Weapon upgrading, Hacking, and more…

Happy long-weekend to our fellow Canadian readers! Monday is a holiday for us so the team will be getting a little extra relaxation over the weekend. So this week, once again, has been filled with tons of progress with finishing up a lot of the areas of development that weren’t fully completed before. As we mentioned in our previous few blogs, from now until the end of June we’re doing a ‘completion pass’ where we revisit areas of the game that haven’t been finished yet and polish them off.

Here’s what we’ve managed to finish up this week! –

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Dev Blog 31 – We’ve Collected Another Soul

Hey everyone!

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve added a new member here at NVYVE Studios, growing the team size to 7.  Our new developer, Stephen, will be helping out with gameplay programming and will certainly help with crafting P.A.M.E.L.A. to be the game we’ve envisioned.

There’s been a ton of planning done this last week, mapping the coming months. More excitingly we’ve made some serious progress on a few areas, so read on to find out what everyone’s been up to:

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Dev Blog 26 – Cryo Spawning, Set Dressing, Lightning Weapons, OH MY!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a good week, I know we have certainly had a busy one. In between organizing everything needed for GDC, we’ve also got some really cool progress all across the board and lots of things are really starting to come together nicely! We’re super excited to have an awesome playable demo for everyone who stops by our booth in March and can’t wait to see everyone’s reactions and get people’s opinions.

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