Dev Blog 20 – We Be Shieldn’

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We are a bit late this week, having worked on Saturday to keep up with the latest crunch. Last week we made huge progress with the combat system; shields, dodging, and some satisfying unarmed melee has sparked a competition in the office to see who can beat up more afflicted before being taken down! So far Adam has the high score, but that wont be for long!

Here’s what else we’ve all been up to-

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Dev Blog 5 – Birth of a World

Luminous rays of hope glistens upon porcelain towers, transfixed on curves and angles that betray truth. With its fervered dance, alcoves and terraces alike are set aglow. Yet just beneath the surface lies the truth, and beauty is only skin deep. What was once true utopia, is but a shadow nipping at the heels of human greed.

My name is Alayna, and I am the Creative Director and Concept Artist working on PAMELA. Throughout this post I hope to convey a bit about the origins of the game world, and touch on some of the major themes and ideas that play a role.

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